•  Dear mukesh
    Thank you so much to bring us to Delhi, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Udaipur, Pushkar, Agra, Gwalior, Orchaa, Kajuharo, Varanasi and drop. It was a great pleasure to be your guest and share this trip with you. You showed us the real India and we come back to france with beautiful memories.
    And thank you also for your kindness. I wish all the best. 

    4 February to 15 February 2013
    Romain & Anne from Paris
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  •  Dear mukesh
    You are By far the Best Driver I Met in India!! Thank you very much for your Explanations and your friendliness. I wish you and your family all the best. 

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  •  Dear mukesh
    Thank you so much for all have done for us here in India. You made India such a magnificent and eye-opening
    Experience for me, I am honored to receive this experience at such a young age . it is something I will carry
    With me for the rest of my life . And thank you so much for all He advice you gave us in each city, as well as
    Your great and safe driving skills ! I can tell you care a lot about your work and your guests and take pride in
    What you do. And thanks for being so dedicated when we needed to find a phone that worked !
    May you and your family live long and prosper 

    20December 2010 to 28 December
    Mr Cari Warts & Mr Wagahn
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  •  Dear mukesh
    Tomorrow our time in India will end
    After this tow weeks with you , we will have the best Impression about India. Our tour from Delhi to Mathura , Agra , Sikri, Bharatpur , Ranthambore, Jaipur , Back to Delhi was always Safe, comfortable and interesting, we Like to have also your Driver capabilities and this always without any stress,
    But you are much more then a excellent and experienced Driver.
    You was our Gate to INDIA !!!
    Mukesh, thank you very much for the Hospitality and we wish you and your family all the best for the Future, HANSPETER LANGJAHR 

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  •  Dear mukesh
    Thank you for very safe and comfortable driving these last couple of days going from
    Jaipur to jodhar via pushkar ,and drop ,back to safe drive home
    your friend from Sweden 

    JODHAPUR 2009
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  •  Dear mukesh
    Thank you very much your helpful services.Your pahence and your jokes make it easier for us, here in india its, too bad that we
    Could`not see more things in your company ,and that we could`not visit jaipur.yes, you gave us good addresses in agra, and good
    Advise it was very comfortable to with you thank you lending us money, since we never with draw enough cash!
    Do you know reunion island ? if you come their some day, letus know ! we will hey to be as welcoming as you: 

    28 jan 2011 to 29jan 2011
    Virgine and julien
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  •  P-S – you are the best Driver all Around the World . we Always Felt Safe !!
    We will Recommended MUKESH to our Friends they come to India  

    27 Ago 2008
    SPANISH (Name Pryia)
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  •  Dear Friend Mukesh,
    When I booked my vacation for India, we ware little uoried that HOW it will be and specialy the Driver of our car. But when we met Mukesh………(you ) …my half . you are very down to earth guy I found you are the safest driver I ever Seen So far . I felt very Safe and very comfortable with your driving…Also .we will always remember you as a good friend which we made in this trip.
    Thanks for everything 

    12 th Oct 2008 to 21st Oct 2008
    Bachu Patl
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  •  Dear mukesh
    We are very happy about our week with you in Rajasthan. it was along dirve from Delhi to Udaipur ( Jaipur, Agra, Jodhpur,Pushkar…) but we feel vally good with you, very safe ,very good driving and one very important thing : you are always in GOOD MOOD !!
    I tried other drive in India but for me you are the best !! we liked the hotels you show us and the places also . it was very comfortable
    To travel with you because you can explain lots of interesting things about Indian culture all along the way. I hope I will come back to your wonderful country very soon, And see you again at this occasion.
    Many thanks for this
    Wonderful trip Mukesh you are the best. 

    02 fab 2011 to 08 fab 2011
    Julie from France
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